NethyBridge ZigZag’s (Blue with red features) 1 hour 30

This great cycle starts outside the Spar Shop in Nethybridge where you head over the small stone bridge and take a right up a long tarmac road until you reach a cross roads keep going straight and when you reach the fork in the road take a right continue up the road and when you start heading downwards you take a right through a farm gate and down a short dual track. Then head into the woods a long climb follows only broken up by a short downhill this is still all on fire track you then start a very gradual climb on single track for around 5 minutes the fun then really begins as what starts of as a slow descent soon turns into a cannonball 10 minutes it starts of with 30cm single track with tight corners with firm natural walls to bounce the tyres of you then have to negotiate a raised grass feature with a wheel lift needed to clear the ditch at the bottom there’s then some beautiful single track which you can reach fast speeds on. The single track comes to an end all too soon but there is then a few miniutes of hair raising forest track downhill with speeds up to 50 kph and some tight corners. There is a road over the gate to take you back but to continue the fun take a left before the gate where there is a long dual track climb through the woods while not to steep it can tire you out after all the climbing you’ve already done. When the track comes to an end you take a right onto a rocky single track which in the wet is very treacherous this is great at high speeds and with some rolling turns and occasional short uphill you reach the end of the single track a steep rocky dual track climb follow’s until you turn right and head down a 30 second natural downhill track which is quite simply fantastic with a small jump at the bottom. You then need to lift your bike over a style and go down some north shore style bridges. Follow the track round to the road and head downhill to the main road take a left at the bottom and keep going along the road passed the golf course and over the stone bridge to the Spar Shop.
This route takes about 1 hour 30 to 2 hours 30
If you want the full details of this cycle and the directions in the wood please email me at


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