Badaguish XC (Red/Black) 40 mins to 1 hour per lap

The Badaguish XC track starts with a fire road climb just next to the Badaguish outdoor centre. The climb lasts for about 2km and is extremely tiring on the legs. You then fork of to the right up a steep rocky singletrack instead of following the stalkers track up you take a right winding through the trees on narrow single track the track then winds left and you come to your first technical feature a short rock garden about 10m long once you have successfully negotiated this its a short descent down to the fireroad you keep heading up the firetrack to the upper loop a winding single track climb is followed by a short hair raising descent with rocks and two drop of’s this is not for the faint hearted. Its then straight onto the next section you dive through the trees entering the route through a rock drop some short technical descent follows and there is then a tough singletrack winding uphill back to the forest track. From here the most challenging downhill is as you negotiate mud rocks and trees while trying to stay on your bike. Then near the bottom you reach the treacherous steep rock steps something many people avoid when they bike at badaguish. Go along the firetrack 20m and you fork left onto the long steep singletrack climb which is mixed up with a bit of northshore along the way. You then head down a fun downhill descent with narrow singletrack this is good fun once you reach the bottom you cross the firetrack and head onto the next downhill section which starts with a nice dropoff into some fast flowing trail. All to soon your at the bottom and you then need to race back up to the firetrack to start again!
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