Lairgh Ghru Bottom Section (Red) 1 hour for short loop

The route starts at the loch morlich car park next to the sailing club. From there you head along the road for 100m and then take a left onto the gravel road. You follow the gravel road all the way up to Rothie lodge this is roughly about 4-5km. As you reach Rothie lodge you take a right onto a wide single track climb. At points it is not possible to cycle up this path due to rocks and steepness of the terrain. After going up for about 2km you reach a junction which is the way you will go down. There our two options at this point, you can either keep following the path up until you decide the terrain becomes too difficult or you feel you’ve done enough bike lugging for one day. When you decide to turn around after 5 seconds you will realise all the bike pushing was worth it as steep narrow singletrack with rocky descents and technical objects. Once you reach the junction you hold a left or if you’ve taken the second option and stopped at the junction you also take the other path at the junction. This is the best part of the descent for me as it winds on a tree sheltered plateau with occasional 2 foot drops it is a brilliant track. Sadly it all comes to an end all to soon. At the bottom of the singletrack take a right and follow the double track back to the gravel road. Follow this for about 2-3km and you our at the finish after an excellent ride!


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I love mountain biking and outdoor activity's!
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